AIPAC might be down, but they’re a long way from out.

Next week is the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. And if history is any indicator, that means thousands of right-wing activists pushing war with Iran, increased military aid to Israel, and a green light for even more settlements.

But it’s going to be a little different this year.

Because AIPAC is coming off a string of significant policy setbacks, and outright defeats – most significantly, their failed push for increased sanctions against Iran.

As AIPAC scrambles to re-assert itself, click here to sign onto our alternative platform: an agenda for peace, justice, and equality.

Be one of the 14,000 people we need to sign onto this statement, and we’ll send a critical message to Congress:

AIPAC’s agenda seeks pre-emptive war on Iran, illegal expansion of settlements, and endless occupation. Today, as  American Jews and other people of conscience, we ask you to join us in support  of an agenda for peace, equality and justice for all Israelis and Palestinians by:

  • making military aid to Israel contingent on compliance with US & international law.
  • opposing legislation that penalizes boycotts and limits free speech.
  • urging Secretary of State Kerry to produce a peace “framework” that upholds the universal rights of all people in Israel and Palestine.

In years past, we’ve used billboards, rallies, trucks, even direct action to challenge AIPAC during their lobbying blitz.

But over the last year our chapters have starting to build relationships with  members of Congress. So we’re going to take our message directly to them this year – and make sure AIPAC knows they can’t go anywhere without being challenged.

Make no mistake – AIPAC might be down, but they’re a long way from out. We can’t let a moment like this pass us by.

AIPAC wants to control US foreign policy. Click here and help us stand up to them.