Eye on Palestine: 7/2/2012

Fatah-Hamas unity government deal: Israel condemns move
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the Palestinian Authority must choose between a treaty with Hamas “or peace with Israel”. Media commentators in the Middle East have expressed both hope and doubt about the agreement between the two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, on the formation of a national unity government. 


Comment Piece in Time: “The Mainstreaming of Hamas Continues as Palestinian Unity Gains Steam”
Karl Vick – One of the least-noticed consequences of the Arab Spring might be called the “mainstreaming of Hamas.”  The chief of the Palestinian party and militia, which the West knows chiefly for its suicide attacks on Israel, has declared repeatedly that it has decided to set aside violent resistance and, in the spirit of the Arab Spring, concentrate on demonstrations and other nonviolent methods.


BBC defends decision to censor the word “Palestine”:
The broadcaster claims that allowing the lyric “free Palestine” would have comprised impartiality. According to Ameena Saleem at EI, “It is a level of manipulation and duplicity that would not be out of place in Joseph Heller’s novel of self-contradictory, circular logic, Catch 22.”


Comment Piece in Jerusalem Post: Three years after Operation Cast LeadJessica Montell – “Woe to us if Hamas serves as the standard for Israeli behavior.”


Fears of Iran: Israel sets up elite command unit to strike behind ‘enemy’ lines
Covert operations on rise amid concern that sanctions may not halt Iran nuclear programme

George Galloway, organiser of Gaza flotilla “sought assistance from Assad’s office”
The organizer of one of the flotillas to the Gaza Strip, George Galloway, allegedly sought assistance from the office of Syrian President Bashar Assad, requesting it facilitates their departure from the Syrian port at Latakia.