Eye on Palestine: 17/7/2011

  • Sheikh Raed Salah: released on bail
    A Palestinian detained on the orders of the Home Secretary Theresa May, after flying into Britain to speak to politicians was freed on bail
    on Saturday by a High Court judge, pending the outcome of legal challenges.
  • Palestinian statehood plan: backed by Arab League
    The Arab League
    has endorsed a Palestinian plan to seek full membership at the UN, in a move likely to lead to confrontation with the US in the UN Security Council.Comment: Adrian Hamilton: The Palestinians only have one option now
    “Forcing a vote in the UN doesn’t bring about peace negotiations, of course. But, given the present nature of the Israeli government, that does not appear to be on the cards. If the Palestinians can feel themselves a little more empowered, that may do more for a just settlement between equals – which has been the one essential ingredient lacking so far – than all the efforts of the outside world.”

  • Israel’s ban on Israeli boycotts of Israel
    Israel’s parliament
    has passed a controversial and undemocratic bill making it illegal for any citizen advocating a boycott of Israel or its settlements, which happen to be illegal under international law. Human rights campaigners say the bill, sponsored by right-wing politicians, is profoundly undemocratic and would deal a severe blow to freedom of speech if passed.

  • Israel and Lebanon dispute maritime border
    Israel and Lebanon are locked in an escalating dispute over the precise location of their maritime border, as both countries try to assert their claim over potentially vast natural gas fields below the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Israeli police will not face trial over death of Palestinian girl
    Israeli policemen suspected of shooting dead a 10-year-old Palestinian schoolgirl in 2007
    will escape prosecution after a court said that too much time had elapsed to allow a re-examination of the case.

  • BBC rules on Newsnight complaint
    The BBC has
    upheld a complaint that Jeremy Paxman failed to adequately challenge Louise Ellman MP (of Labour Friends of Israel) on false claims she made about child suicide bombers during an edition of Newsnight.

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